All About Us

  • We are in Kindergarten and Reception.
  • We are a diverse group of children.
  • We love playing with lots of Jewish themed toys, games and crafts.
  • We always wait for Jewish holidays to come so that we can do lots of fun activities surrounding the holidays and their traditions.
  • We always try to be respectful and kind to each person in the room.
  • Once we are in Reception, we can do the Alef is for Apple book – and that is super fun!

Our Curriculum

miniJUDA will be following the Mitzvot-I-can-Do curriculum. This is an all encompassing curriculum, which includes free play, directional play and art centers and circle time learning. Each week will be focused on a particular theme, whether it is a Jewish holiday, being kind to others or a Mitzvah that they can do.

The 4 year olds will also be starting the Aleph Champ curriculum! They will be learning the Aleph Bet together as a class through art, play and fun! Each week will focus on another letter.